About Us

Our Values

 diablo_clinical_trials Excellent Patient Care

Diablo Clinical Research provides patients with high quality health care in a comfortable, professional, and confidential environment.

diablo_clinical_trials3 Valuable Study Data

Diablo Clinical Research provides sponsors with accurate and timely data to support new and improved therapies for a variety of health issues.

blue-hippo543666Community Service

Diablo Clinical Research provides free education and screening services to help the public stay informed about their health and well-being.


Diablo Clinical Research is committed to advancing health through medical research and community service.


Diablo Clinical Research, established by Dr. Weinstein in 1995, has conducted over 600 studies with thousands of patients. Today our database is comprised of over 13,000 patients who have either completed a study with us, are currently enrolled in a study, or have expressed interest in future clinical study participation.

Our Founder and Medical Director Richard L. Weinstein, MD a board certified endocrinologist and internist has practiced medicine in the San Francisco Bay Area for 30 years.

In 2005 Leonard Chuck, PhD, MD and a practicing internist in our local community for over 20 years joined Diablo Clinical Research as an Investigator. In 2007 Mark Christiansen, MD, who practiced and conducted research in the community for over 17 years, also joined Diablo Clinical Research as an Investigator. Both Dr. Chuck and Dr. Christiansen became Co-Medical Directors of our facility in 2008.

Diablo Clinical Research specializes in clinical research. We have been working in our Walnut Creek location for over 17 years. We have 6 MDs on staff with specialties in endocrinology, internal medicine, cardiology, and neurology.